AMC Studios comes to the Palais with a shocking slate that explores tragedy and terror, among other topics.

Drama series Unspeakable(pictured) chronicles the emergence of HIV and Hepatitis C in Canada in the early 1980s by following two families who, tragically, were affected by tainted blood. Dietland follows Plum Kettle, a ghost-writer for the editor of a fashion magazine, who struggles with self-image in a world in which men, accused of sexual abuse and assault, are dying violently.

Each episode of comedy series Documentary Now! tells a fascinating (yet untrue) story inspired by some of the world’s most famous docs. Documentary Eli Roth’s History of Horror brings some of the masters of the genre together to reveal the themes that most inspired them.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle shows how Jim Jones went from a charismatic preacher and champion of civil rights to an egomaniacal demagogue who led the biggest mass suicide in American history. VIP Club