With this Water Cooler edition, VideoAge begins a series of pre-MIPCOM reports of Turkish production and distribution companies.

Like most of Turkey’s TV export companies, Calinos Entertainment is headquartered in Istanbul, and here the company’s deputy general manager, Ismail Dursunov, reported some of the TV fare the company will be bringing to MIPCOM, which is a little less than three weeks away.

Calinos’ main regions for business include the Middle East, the Balkans, and Central Asia, but it has extended its reach into foreign markets. At MIPCOM, the company will be highlighting three titles: the emotional family series Our Story (pictured above), the high-octane soap opera Forbidden Fruit, and the tragic drama Woman.

At this MIPCOM, distribution companies from Turkey will feel the burden of the particular problem of the country’s currency, as the exchange rate for the lira has plummeted by 40 percent against the U.S. dollar and other currencies.

“All companies in Turkey are very much being affected by the devaluation of the lira,” said Dursunov. “Export had become the largest source of income for everyone in the industry, therefore we are working on new sales models, focusing on sales with faster collection of revenues for our producers.”

This year the company is holding out on special events in Cannes. “We will not have an event at this MIPCOM, but most probably will have a big event at NATPE Miami,” Dursunov concluded.

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