C. Scot Cru, who was recently tapped as GRB’s president of International, announced to VideoAge during a phone conversation that the Los Angeles-based firm will be returning to its core business as a production company. “We’ll continue to expand content sales,” he said. “But we want to align ourselves with A-class producers and content TV outlets.”

Cru, who formerly served as an executive at Mark Burnett Productions, added that GRB would also be renewing its focus on co-productions.

While the international side will have most of his attention, Cru said that he’d also look into domestic (i.e., U.S.) activities. “Our company does not have a very bureaucratic, rigid structure,” he explained. In terms of hierarchy, Cru reports to COO Marielle Zuccarelli and CEO Gary Benz.

As for international growth areas, Cru sees potential in Central Europe and Africa, as well LATAM.

In addition to telling VideoAge that GRB will sell international rights for Executed, a new 12 x 60 series, Cru said that he would have other new projects to announce before and at MIPCOM.

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