The Berlinale Spotlight programming will feature Perspektive Deutsches Kino, a portion dedicated to new talent presented at this year’s festival.

A total of five films, both documentary and fiction, will be showcased between late August and mid-December 2018. Ben Brummer’s Feierbendbier (After-Work Beer) will be shown on August 21, Veronika Kaserer’s Überall wo wir sind (Everywhere We Are) will be shown on September 18, and Felix Hassenfratz’s Verlorene (Lost Ones) will be shown on October 16.

In addition, Alexandra Wesolowski’s Impreza – Das Fest (Impreza – The Celebration) will be screened on November 20, while Zita Erffa’s The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Life will be screened on December 11.

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