Do you know which countries comprise the Central European and Eastern (CEE) region? Do you know which CEE TV channels could be successfully distributed in the U.S. and Canada? And what it would take for those channels to become available to North American viewers?

Do you know if TV outlets in the CEE region that are set to attend NATPE Budapest will actually be buying programs at the market?

Do you know why Budapest is considered the porn capital of the world?

All of these questions will be answered in the June/July Issue of VideoAge. You may not care about that last question, but you’ll be amazed to learn about recent developments in the porn industry and its links to political personalities.

You may also dismiss the first question about CEE countries. That is, until you read about how no one — so far — seems to have a clear definition.

Then you may wonder if, with all this turmoil in Eastern Europe, TV outlets out there can actually afford to buy foreign programs. The answer will surprise you!

Sellers and buyers alike need to be prepared for an Issue that will dazzle and rattle and that will make the Blue Danube green with envy!

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