Nordic Entertainment Group finalized its leadership team after the announcement that MTG was to split into two companies, MTG and Nordic Entertainment Group. Effective as of July 1, 2018, Kim Poder will serve as EVP, group chief commercial officer, and CEO of MTG Denmark. Matthew Hooper will be responsible as EVP, group head of Corporate Affairs, and CEO UK. Gabriel Catrina was appointed EVP, group chief strategy officer and head of M&A. The rest of the leadership team includes Jakob Mejlhede, EVP, group head of Content; Morten Aass, SVP, CEO Norway; Mathias Norrback, SVP, CEO Finland; Morten Mogensen, CEO Nice Entertainment Group; Alexander Bastin, SVP, head of Viaplay and Viafree; Susan Gustafsson, SVP, group general counsel; Kaj af Kleen, SVP, group chief technology and product officer; Kim Mikkelsen, SVP, group head of Sport; Jennie Jacobs, SVP, group and UK head of Human Resources. All group leadership members will report to Anders Jensen (pictured), president and CEO of Nordic Entertainment Group.

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