Sonar Entertainment develops, produces, finances, and distributes a wide variety of TV fare. The company’s roster at Cannes is steered by Das Boot (pictured), a World War II drama that simultaneously tells the stories of the journey of the U-612 German U-boat and the Resistance movement in France. Season two of The Son continues the multigenerational saga of Eli McCullough and his family’s prominent role in the Texas oil industry. James Delaney returns to London after his father’s death in Taboo. He inherits his father’s shipping empire, as well as enemies his dad left behind. Animated series Go Away, Unicorn! focuses on the friendship between Alice and her unicorn. The two go on adventures and learn to welcome differences in others. Gark is the Counterfeit Cat, an excitable alien dressed in a homemade purple catsuit, who develops an unconventional friendship with a real cat named Max. Stand R7.N11