Italy’s Rainbow Group offers a varied product portfolio of animated and live-action content. 44 Cats (pictured) follows the adventures of cat musicians who learn lessons on friendship, altruism, and kindness. In the first two seasons of Regal Academy, Rose Cinderella is an average teenager obsessed with shopping and shoes. When she discovers a key to FairyTale Land, she must learn to balance class, good grades, and fairy tales come to life. Live-action series Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends Seasons 1 and 2explores the friendship between Maggie and Bianca, two girls who meet at the Milan Fashion Academy, where they get to live their dreams. In Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends Season 3, the girls have to make a tough decision: stay in Milan or leave for the United States. In the two TV specials that consist of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends – TV MOVIES, Maggie and Bianca fight to keep their home, conduct an investigation into a school disaster, and help one of their dads in a trip to Paris. Stand R7.H2

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