Based in Mumbai, India, One Life Studios distributes Indian television programming of all genres, including historical dramas, factual entertainment, and more. Emperor Porus (pictured) leads the company’s roster at MIP-TV. The epic series depicts the clash of empires between Porus and Alexander the Great. Fast-paced competition format Dropout places slackers on an entrepreneurial journey that simulates real-world business challenges. The “dropouts” are groomed by industry leaders to develop the ultimate start-up team. Sam is a genius app developer who, to spite his power-hungry boss, designs an Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant, also known as, A.I.SHAHip Hop Homeland showcases India’s underground hip-hop scene, where Mumbai’s millennials and youths come to explore rap, dance, and the visual arts. Based on the Mahabharata, epic drama series Suryaputra Karna tells the story of Karna’s rise as a ferocious warrior and great archer. Stand P-1.E57

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