Multicom Entertainment Group is in Cannes to distribute a collection of feature films and series, including sports comedy, drama, and thrillers. Streaker (pictured) follows high school teacher Balz Naef who is experiencing a financial crisis. His solution is to recruit students as streakers for an illegal sports gambling ring. In America Adrift, Cecilia Fernandez learns that her son is using heroin and fights back against the network of drug trafficking. The Broken Ones are two strangers who meet one night and venture from New Jersey to New York. Along the way, these troubled wanderers confront their darkest fears and overcome tragedy. After discrediting Reverend Guy Roy on public-access television, Jack Harriman becomes a spiritual celebrity in Divine Access. Jack goes on a road trip to preach his brand of truth. M.I.A.: A Greater Evil follows the haunted misadventures of a group of American college students in search of gold in a Vietnamese jungle. Stand R7.F26

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