MISTCO offers a slate that includes dramas and animated adventures. Mehmetcik: Kûtulamâre (pictured) tells the epic tale of orphan Mehmet, who dreams of one day joining an elite troop run by Suleyman Askeri Bey. Mehmet is still determined to join, and follows the troop from Istanbul to Iraq. A wealthy man who trusts no one since his mom left his dad years earlier is forced into a contractual marriage with a poor woman struggling to pay for her sick father’s surgery in The Prisoner of LoveThe Last Emperor series sheds new light on the life and times of Abdulhamid Han, the visionary leader of the great Ottoman Empire. Resurrection: Ertugrul tells the story of 13th-century hero Ertugrul, who strives to find a new home for his tribe and the woman he loves. Aimed at preschoolers, Ege and Gaga is an animated series about a boy named Ege and his best friend, a talking crow named Gaga, who explore nature together. Stand P-1.N51

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