Mediaset Distribution comes to MIP-TV on the Wind of Passions (pictured). This family saga tells the intertwined stories of Giovanna, a young Neapolitan searching for her true origins, and the Licata family, southern migrants hunting the killer of one of their own. Ordinary Echoes is a collection of four TV movies, including A testa alta (Walking Tall)La scorta di Borsellino (A Brave Choice)Delitto di Mafia (Justice for My Father), and Una donna contro tutti (Standing For My Land), that tell the true tales of brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for their ideals. Period drama Love and Sacrifice explores life against the backdrop of the Carrara marble quarries from the last year of the Belle Époque through World War I. Following a mix-up that forces a group of friends to retake their final high school exams 20 years after graduating, The Immaturecrew must get to know each other again as adults. In Love Snack, two roommates search for their soulmates in a most unusual locale: McDonald’s. They make a deal to date a different person every day at the famed fast joint to find love under those trademark golden arches. Stand R7.F7

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