Kanal D has historical dramas aplenty on tap. Historical drama Mehmed The Conqueror (pictured) follows the young sultan as he overcomes obstacles before finally conquering Constantinople. Set along the beautiful Aegean coastline, Wounded Love tells the story of an epic romance with strong characters, timeless human emotions, and a penetrating script. In Price of Passion, Ferhat is a hitman while Aslı is an idealistic doctor. After Aslı operates on a man that Ferhat shot, she is forced to marry him to save her life. An accident on a rainy night changes three lives in an instant in Tales of Innocence. Gülizar lives in one of Izmir’s poorest neighborhoods with her mother’s friend Suzan in drama Wildrose. But when her father, who is rich, passes away, he leaves her a great deal of money. R9.A32

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