KABO International distributes a variety of formats, from game shows to social experiments, as well as ready-made programming, including factual and crime series. The Break-Up offers real-life couples the techniques they need to prevent a final split. Using proven couples therapy methods, the duos will solve their domestic and romantic problems. Each episode of crime docu-series Solved! Forensic Police Files focuses on a specific crime and reveals how DNA, ballistics, and forensic biology play a part in the resolution of crimes. Family comedy Our Crazy Family (pictured) is a pick’n mix sitcom format that follows the hilarious antics of a family across three generations. Using virtual reality and mixed reality production techniques, Tilt features millennial celebrities facing off in VR games. Who’s Who is an game show in which contestants must guess the special talent of six strangers by testing them in question and answer segments and challenges. Stand P-1.J56

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