Inter Medya comes to Cannes with dramas and quiz shows. Cukur, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Istanbul, is ruled by the Koçova family in The Pit (pictured). But when one upstart breaks the ban on drugs, conflict ensues. A reality dating show tries to find The Perfect Couple. 16 contestants will live each day in a Caribbean villa. There isn’t enough room for everyone, so they’ll compete to score limited room keys. Siblings Zeynep, Emre, Cemre, and Aysun are left destitute after their father’s sudden death in family drama Broken WingsMrs. Fazilet & Her Daughters live a modest life, but Mrs. Fazilet dreams of becoming rich. She plans to use her youngest daughter in order to get there, much to the annoyance her older daughter, Hazan. Money Monster is a studio-based quiz show in which contestants win the money they manage to count after a correct answer. In order to keep the money, they have to know the exact amount they count. Stand C16.D

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