FilmRise brings an eclectic mix of content to MIPTV. Based on Tim Winton’s best-selling novel, Breath (pictured) tells the story of two teenage boys in Western Australia who form an unlikely friendship with a mysterious older adventurer, who pushes them to take risks. The boys learn what it’ll take to become a surfer, as well as what it will take to become a man. Gamechangers: Dreams of BlizzCon follows two of the world’s best StarCraft II players as they navigate the high-stakes world of professional e-sports. In Dark River, Alice returns to her home village following the death of her father to claim the family farm that she believes should now belong to her. Set in Brooklyn, New York, The Neighborhood trails a group of small-time hoodlums who unwittingly get caught up in a war with an old-school mafia kingpin. After the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, Detective Alfonso Palermo focuses his attention on locating the kidnapped daughter of a U.S. ambassador in The Red Maple LeafPremium Lounge

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