Calinos Entertainment brings the drama to the Palais. Forbidden Fruit (pictured) is a tale of two sisters: Zeynep, who lives by her ethics and wants a successful career that she worked hard for, and Yildiz, who wants nothing more than to marry rich. Yildiz’s life takes a turn when she meets wealthy Ender, who wants to divorce her husband. But in order to keep her fortune, Ender needs to set him up with a girl and blame him for the infidelity. Our Story tells the tale of Filiz, the oldest of six kids, who is forced to become a surrogate mother to her siblings since her useless alcoholic father cannot parent them. She thinks there’s no time for love in her life until she meets Baris, who loves her and will do anything to be part of her family. The story of Bahar is told in Woman. After being abandoned by her mother when she is just eight years old, Bahar experiences the loss of her beloved grandparents and her husband. But when her mother and eclectic sisters reappear, will she be able to open her heart again? Stand P-1.M51

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