ATV has lots of high-octane drama at MIPTV. Nefes is a child bride whose husband, Vedat, beats her in drama Lifeline. She thinks she can’t escape, but when businessman Mustafa and his young brother, Tahir, come to visit, she and her young son stow away in Tahir’s van. An accidental killing is at the heart of drama We Are Not Innocent. Selin, the daughter of the victim, will unwittingly fall for her father’s killer. Arzu is a middle-aged woman with a happy marriage, two sons, and lots of secrets in drama Don’t Leave Me (pictured). Orphan Flowers tells the story of Eylül, an orphan, who attends a luxurious private college where the spoiled rich bully her endlessly. In Love and Hate, Ali is in prison for murdering Ahmet, and Mavi is his pen pal. When he is released, the two plan to wed. But little does Ali know that Mavi is actually Ahmet’s sister, and she plans to avenge her brother by killing Ali on their wedding night. Stand P-1.J2

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