Amazon acquired two series, Cloak & Dagger (pictured) and The Crossing, from Disney for its Prime Video service in several territories in Europe. Cloak & Dagger premieres in the U.S. on Freeform on June 7, 2018. A day after its U.S. release, the series will be available on Prime Video in Austria, Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland. Cloak & Dagger tells the story of two teenagers with superpowers; one has the ability to throw light daggers while the other has the ability to envelop enemies in darkness. The Crossing will air on ABC on April 2. The following day, it will be available to stream on Prime Video and Ireland. The series will be available on April 27 for Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. In The Crossing, a group of refugees from the future seek sanctuary in an American town.

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