Recently, NATPE announced a new initiative to aid independent companies that will be exhibiting during the L.A. Screenings.

Even though the initiative was well-received, it raised a few questions that VideoAge passed along to NATPE’s president JP Bommel. Here are his answers:

VideoAge: Is this the same L.A. Screenings we have been attending? Or something entirely different?

JP Bommel: This is the same L.A. Screenings event [for the indies] that has been happening at the InterContinental Hotel in recent years, but with the added value of meetings, concierge services, effective and organized networking, business insight sessions, affordable meeting tables for sellers, and an expanded list of international buyers from Canada, Europe, Asia, and LATAM.

VideoAge: Why has NATPE taken this initiative?

JPB: The event has been growing rapidly, and the addition of NATPE as a partner is a way for L.A. Screenings Independents to utilize the tools NATPE has at hand and help grow the event even bigger.

VideoAge: Do buyers now have to pay a registration fee for the indie portion of the L.A. Screenings?

JPB: Yes, but it is a processing fee to provide access to some of the services that NATPE offers, including NATPE Connect, and get badged for better networking and meeting effectiveness. All buyers, exhibitors, and attendees of L.A. Screenings Independents will need to pay the $50 processing fee. It should be noted that this year, attendees will receive a 10 percent discount on food at the hotel with their badges.

VideoAge: How has news of the event been received?

 JPB: Since announcing the event, we have received a lot of positive responses from past event attendees as well as from new companies interested in getting involved. Everyone seems on board with the growth of L.A. Screenings Independents.

VideoAge: How does NATPE link the L.A. Screenings indie initiative with the post-L.A. Screenings at NATPE Budapest?

JPB: This partnership exemplifies our mission to provide buyers from around the world with a first look at new programming opportunities from all over the world, including Canada, Latin American, and Asia. We are thrilled to join forces with Isabella Marquez who has spearheaded this must-attend marketplace.

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