Mondo TV Iberoamerica has a roster for NATPE that is filled with live-action and animation titles. Heidi, Bienvenida Al Show (pictured) finds friendly Heidi returning to the city for new and fun adventures in the city. In Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, Heidi moves from her rural hometown to the big city where she learns to adapt to her new life and discovers a passion for singing. Invention Story is the tale of a fox inventor named Kit who tries to impress a town of rabbits with his wild gadgets. An animated adaption of the original story, Sissi The Young Empress follows Sissi, a young girl who has a bracelet that lets her talk to animals. Based on R.L. Stevenson’s masterpiece, The Treasure Islandincorporates elements of the classic novel, but expands to create a complex universe. Booth 510

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