In last Sunday’s “Oggi 7” weekly insert of the United States’ AmericaOggi, the largest Italian-language daily published outside Italy, a feature story recalled the origins of VideoAge, and author Generoso D’Agnese chose a cover of a NATPE 2012 edition of VideoAge (photo above) to illustrate it.

Looking at the seven-year-old cover, one cannot help but marvel at how that issue is still current, what with the Miami market still facing many of the same concerns, such as finding new revenues, the U.S. studios’ presence at NATPE, and Mexico’s TV challenges.

Besides the fortuitous cover choice, the focus of the feature is on the birth of VideoAge some 37 years ago. The author credits several converging elements for the publication’s “creation,” including increased competition for Television Radio Age — the venerable biweekly publication where Dom Serafini, VideoAge’s founder, served as International Editor — and the initial support that VideoAge received from U.S. studios, the Italian TV industry, Brazil’s Rede Globo, and MIFED.

The key to VideoAge‘s success was attributed to its easy-to-read format, its editorial focus on buying and selling film and TV content, and its introduction of market dailies during TV trade shows. According to D’Agnese, VideoAge is Hollywood’s most important international TV trade publication.

The full article, titled “VideoAge Ageless,” can be downloaded on the daily’s website by clicking on the “Oggi 7” cover at: