From family tragedies to suspenseful romances, Turkey’s Global Agency has a wide-ranging library of drama series. After spending time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Ozan discovers new Hope when he learns that he has a daughter ill with leukemia. In Bitter Sweet, Nazli must work an extra job as the home cook for a fussy businessman in order to pay for her culinary schooling. Golden Horde is a period drama set in 13th-century Russia in which the Grand Prince Yaroslav aims to unite the separate principalities. At the center of the dramatic love triangle of Black Pearl (pictured) is Hazal, a young woman who has been in love with Kenan since childhood, yet is coerced into marrying the murderer Vural. Evermore tells the romantic story of Sureyya and Faruk, but Faruk’s mother does not approve. Booth 400

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