Sabbatical Entertainment carries a comprehensive catalog of titles, from sports to kids and family series. Unforgettable (pictured) takes a look back at iconic moments within sports history. In educational series The World Is Yours, viewers explore the wonders of Earth, going to the four corners of the world to showcase different cultures, traditions and food. Kids’ Planet is all about teaching younger audiences polite manners to interact with others. The series follows Nova, a young girl who adventures around the world to learn good values and appreciate global cultures. (L)over profiles celebrity couples who have fallen in love in the public eye, and also sometimes devastatingly split in the limelight as well. Entertainment series Crude presents the world’s most dangerous professions where employees experience danger and fear every day. Ephemeral is a factual format that serves as a daily capsule, collecting moments that took place on that day in recorded history, from memorable events in pop culture to politics. Inspiring Beauty highlights the lives of celebrity women – working in TV, film and music – and offers their personal tips on health, food, fashion and beauty.

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