Turkey’s Kanal D presents a slate filled with heart wrenching, twist of fate drama series. 7 Faces tells the story of a seven confrontations about love and betrayal between friends, lovers, and family members. In family drama Crossroads, Evren Erguven’s family must decide whether to sell their last hotel. A familial battle of ownership over the hotel takes place in deciding what to do. Innocent (pictured) is a crime drama that follows retired police captain Cevdet as he is put into a difficult situation, when his son, Tarik, tells him that he killed his wife. In a world of corrupt relationships and ambitious power, Price of Passion follows the stories of a hit man and young doctor that must learn to get along. An accident on a rainy night changes the lives of three people in Tales of Innocence, a story full of crime, power and revenge. As a young girl, Gülru admired Gulfem, the daughter of the owner of the mansion where her father worked. When she becomes an adult, Gülru meets Gulfem’s former lover and enters the War Of The RosesWounded Love, a historical drama set along the Aegean coastline, follows two lovers, who experience faith and betrayal, during the Turkish War of Independence.

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