The Africa Channel brings a roster that offers lifestyle and reality series. At the helm is Minjiba Entertains (pictured), a new cooking show hosted by Nigerian food blogger Minjiba Cookey as she instructs how to prepare exotic gourmet dishes for a modern audience. Reality series Chiney’s World follows the life of WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike both on and off the court. Chiney negotiates dating and friendships as well as her strict Nigerian parents. In World Wide Nate – African Adventures, Nate Fluellen – a thrill seeking travel vlogger, foodie and fitness enthusiast – ventures around Africa to enjoy the fun and stories the continent has to offer. Factual series Africa Everywhere presents the rich influence that African and Caribbean immigrants have had on metropolitan cities around the world. The continent’s most hilarious stand-up comics are featured in Africa Laughs as they compete for the roaring amusement of the crowd.

Stands 141/142/148/149

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