Based in Turkey, Kanal D presents a slate filled with heart wrenching, twist of fate drama series. Living in a coastal town, Fatmagül counts down the days until her marriage to her fiancé, fisherman Mustafa. A gang of men rapes Fatmagül, which compels Mustafa to break off the marriage. Kerim, one of the men, is forced by his parents to marry Fatmagül to cover up the scandal. A story of brotherhood and rivalry, Kuzey Güney tells of Kuzey and Güney, two brothers who have nothing in common except their love for Cemre, and their fall from grace after a tragic incident kept secret. Without money, is Love(pictured) strong enough to keep Azra and Kerem together? The couple met at a sports academy and were infatuated with one another ever since, until Azra meets Sebnem, who is described as both an angel and a devil. Matter of Respect tells the familial drama of the Kiliç family after moving to Istanbul, where the two sons attempt to avenge their father’s suicide. Secrets can destroy a family. Kemal and Leyla’s son is kidnapped and they hire a former police officer, who discovers that the case is much larger than it seems.

Stands 68/69

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