GMA Worldwide delivers on a variety of dramatic series starting with Another Chance. After losing her husband and son to a brutal crime, Lyra is offered a second chance at love when she meets Bernard, who has a son. Turmoil occurs when Lyra learns that Bernard’s son is not his and may be her friend’s missing child. Romantic drama Memories of Love (pictured) follows Joseph, a severely wounded soldier, who is nursed back to health by his girlfriend Andrea. Joseph must convince a Andrea that he is really who he says he is. Once Again tells the fantastical tale of star-crossed lovers, Des and Aldrin, who have never seen one another in real life, yet meet each other in their memories and dreams. Diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, Rhodora X is kidnapped by child traffickers. Traumatized by her friend Roxane’s murder, Rhodora’s second personality is based on Roxanne. Someone To Watch Over Me focuses on the romance and marriage of Joanna and TJ. Doctors detect early onset Alzheimer’s disease in TJ, who then is unable to recognize his family.

GMA Worldwide – Viewing Box 31

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