It’s only MIPCOM’s third day, but VideoAge is already making plans for a combined Issue that’ll delve deep into both DISCOP Africa and MIP Cancun. Because, while they might seem far off, DISCOP is set to commence in just about a week, on October 25. And MIP Cancun will kick off in 28 days.

In addition to previews of both markets, the Issue will also tackle Singapore’s ATF, which will get going on November 29, just 12 days after MIP Cancun.

The front cover of VideoAge’s DISCOP/MIP Cancun Issue (pictured above) is already finalized, and the blurbs reveal that other topics to be explored include a review of MIPCOM, current film release patterns, and evaluations of the new shows on display at both DISCOP and MIP Cancun

None of the other market locations are expected to be quite as sunny as Cannes, but it is presumed that business will be just as brisk at each of the three markets surveyed, which take place in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, respectively.

One aspect of all three markets that VideoAge will be sure to cover is that they tend to stress out many a TV executive, but it isn’t clear if such stress is different from that which other execs experienced in the past.

The calendar page will also reveal some interesting news, as well as new market dates.

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