After acquiring a majority stake in m4e, Studio 100 Media presents an extensive slate of animated CGI series this year in Cannes, starting with Arthur & the Minimoys – The Series (pictured), which focuses on Arthur’s discovery of the world of Minimoys ­­­­- magical, invisible creatures that live in perfect harmony with nature­­. Tip the Mouse follows Topo Tip, who lives with his family in a small house made of objects that humans have lost. Mia and Me follows Mia and her friends in the city of Centopia, where they are suddenly faced with the arrival of a new villain. Preschool series Wissper presents viewers with an out-of-the-ordinary little girl named Wissper, who can talk to animals. Life changes drastically for elf Nils Holgersson when he gets transformed into a miniature human.

Stand R7.C15

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