Viacom International Media Networks has a variety of titles in tow, ranging from children’s animation to series that cover Donald Trump, tattoos and the British monarchy. Animation series Welcome to the Wayne (pictured) follows the fun of Olly and Ansi, as they explore their wild and wacky apartment building. Live-action I Am Frankie features the life of experimental android Frankie as she navigates through the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Sunny Day tells the story of Sunny, a talented 10-year-old girl who runs her own hair salon. Topical Donald Trump satire The President Show is a comedic late-night series starring Anthony Atamanuik as the Donald and Peter Grosz as Mike Pence. The Woman Who Brought Down The Crown focuses on Wallis Simpson, the American woman who threatened a constitutional crisis in the United Kingdom by marrying Edward VIII.

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