GMA Worldwide offers a variety of romantic comedies and dramatic telenovelas. My Korean Jagiya (pictured) is about Gia, a super-fan of Korean dramas, who meets and falls in love with her favorite actor. In the romantic dramedy I Heart Davao, a heart-wrenching twist of fate occurs when a heart transplant recipient falls in love with Ponce, the man who is also her deceased heart donor’s boyfriend. My Love from the Star mixes romance with science fiction as the story focuses on an alien, stranded on Earth since the 16th century and disguised as a college professor, who falls in love with a present-day celebrity actress. Bow of Justice returns for its second season with Pepe, who is on a vigilante quest to find his mother, previously thought to be dead after an attack on his family. Impostora centers on Nimfa, a woman born with a disfigured face, who is on the run and undergoes facial reconstruction surgery to assume a new identity.

Stand P-1.E67

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