The U.K.’s Kew Media Group (formerly known as Content Media) presents a variety of new series and films this year in Cannes. Set in the 1920s, Frankie Drake Mysteries (pictured) features the only female detective crew in Toronto, Canada, who take on tough cases that the police department doesn’t want to touch. Comedy series Crawford follows the unusual story of a group of raccoons that invades a dysfunctional family’s home and helps by bringing new life to this not-so-typical family. 21 Thunder is the story of the Montreal Thunder U21 team in the difficult world of pro soccer. Drama series Date My Dad follows Ricky Cooper who, after the death of his wife Isabella, must raise his daughters alone. Sci-fi drama series Starhunter REDUX reboots the classic sci-fi series from the early 2000s.

Stand C15.A6

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