The last time VideoAge came out with a September Issue was during RAI’s Prix Italia 2002.

Ever since, advertisers and readers were disinterested and dis-incentivized in a September edition, looking forward instead to VideoAge’s MIPCOM Issue and Daily.

Therefore, this year’s new VideoAge’s September edition can be seen as a milestone in terms of editorial features, news and advertising support, mainly from NAB, Studio 100, ARTEAR and TVFI.

The myriad markets that this Issue covers made it ideal just as an online-only PDF edition ( Indeed, as can be seen on the Calendar page, in this period there are five international TV trade shows to cover—or more than one a week—spanning Canada, Italy, France and Argentina.

Most interestingly though, on the publication’s front cover, are the two mammoth markets, MIPCOM and NAB New York, which are clashing this year due to their concurrent calendar dates.

Inside the publication, executives can be informed on what to expect at TV France International’s Le Rendez-Vous and at the Argentinean cable TV Jornadas.

In terms of news, it is interesting to read about the morose interest the British print media has in BBC talent salaries, and the most popular TV show in Iran, which officially doesn’t exist. Plus, there’s a preview of Italy’s International Audiovisual Market (MIA).

All in all, it’s a news-filled edition with 10 features covering six countries… and not neglecting Ireland.

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