In Love with Ramón (pictured) is the melodrama series about the complicated love triangle between Ramón, Fabiola, and Sofia. Dramatic series The Two Lives of Estela Carrillo tells of a woman who crosses the U.S.-Mexico border and takes on the identity of Estela Carrillo to stay in the country. Love Divina, a kids and teens series, focuses on Divina after her long-lost grandmother Irene takes her in. In narco series La Piloto, Yolanda is a flight attendant who is forced by her drug-dealer boyfriend, John Lucio, to carry drugs across borders. Later betrayed by John, Yolanda seeks redemption and more fulfilling love. Each episode of Sincronía focuses on particular issues like kidnapping, human trafficking, and sexual abuse. In addition, every story is told from the various perspectives of the characters involved.
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