Telenovela Guerra De Ídolos (Price of Fame) centers on Julio Cesar Solar and his younger brother Mateo, two of the music industry’s most talented composers and producers. The brothers are on a quest for fame and power, and discover a Mafia network connected to the music business (pictured). La Querida Del Centauro (Centauro’s Woman) follows Centauro, a fugitive drug lord, set on revenge against Yolanda Acosta and anyone opposed to him. Centauro erases Yolanda’s memory so that she will return to him as his lover and accomplice. No Te Puedo Mentir is about Choi Dal-po who finds love in Choi In-ha, the daughter of the man who disgraced his father and is the reason for his traumatic past. Perdona Nuestros Pecados tells of the most powerful man in Villa Ruiseñor, Armando Quiroga who is involved in a forbidden affair, while his daughter has her own fling with the maid’s son. Un Diablo Con Ángel centers on devilish Gaspar who must learn to love honorably with the help of his kind assistant Blanca.
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