Fanny is a comedic telenovela focused on a young girl who wastes her time watching television. She sneaks on to the set of her favorite telenovela and goes from super fan to TV star. Biographical series Sandro, De América (pictured) tells the life story of the Argentinian singer Roberto Sánchez known as Sandro. With his charisma and talent, Sandro manages to become a musical icon. Un Gallo Para Esculapio is a drama that follows Nelson, who arrives in the city with a rooster to meet his brother. His brother never shows up and he suspects that Chelo Esculapio is behind his brother’s disappearance. In children’s series Vikki RPM, Max and Victoria compete on the racetrack and fall in love despite their families’ rivalry.  Amar Despues De Amar, a romantic thriller, tells the love story set in two different times that begins with a fatal car accident involving two lovers.
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