In youth fiction series Heidi, Bienvenida A Casa (pictured), Heidi is a young girl who moves from her home in a rural town to the big city. While adapting to frantic city life, she discovers her own talent for singing. Animated children’s series YooHoo & Friends follows five woodland creatures who arrive on Earth and save the endangered animals with the help of the magical Tree of Life. In Invention Story, a rabbit named Silas Hopner and a fox named Kit arrive in Carrot Town and bring with them new inventions. Sissi, The Young Empress is an animated romantic story of adventure, magic, and mystery, that follows Sissi, the Empress of Austria, who falls in love with Franz and acquires a magic bracelet that takes her on magical adventures. When kids aren’t around, cube-shaped animal toys come to life and explore Cuby Zoo.

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