In sci-fi action Colossal (pictured), Gloria loses her job and her boyfriend, and moves back home. After a giant monster attacks Seoul, Korea, she discovers that the creature’s actions are connected to her mental state. In animated picture Richard The Stork, Richard is a sparrow adopted by storks who lives his whole life believing that he, too, is a stork. When the storks migrate to Africa, he has to find a way there by hitchhiking through Europe. The Whole Truth is a thriller in which defense attorney Richard Ramsay must defend a 17-year-old suspected of murdering his wealthy father. Rock Dog, an animated film, follows Bodi, a Tibetan mastiff, who is expected to be the next guard of a village, but balks at the idea because he worries that he won’t be as good as his father. Hard Powder is an action movie about a snowplow driver who is after revenge against the group of drug dealers who killed his son.
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