In The Final Four (pictured), four finalists are announced at the beginning of the singing competition. Each episode, new contestants join to compete against the final four in the hopes of taking one of their spots. In OVO, confession booths are placed in 10 different cities, allowing anyone who has a story to be told to share. Each episode will revolve around a specific theme to find out what people in international cities have to say. In each episode of Sex Tape, three couples work to fix their relationships. To do so, the couples will film their intimate lives and meet with other troubled couples to reveal issues in their bedrooms. Play Date showcases five families who meet for the perfect play date. While the kids are playing, the parents will watch out of sight to understand different family dynamics. With each episode of The City Inspector, a selected host will investigate what different cities have to offer. Assisted by a group of experts, the inspector will judge the city’s attractions and its problems.
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