The indie portion of the L.A. Screenings will get under way in the Century City area of Los Angeles starting on May 16, and at the same time in New York City, the Upfronts will be in full swing.

This year, the number of L.A. Screenings exhibitors at the InterContinental is expected to reach over 80 from 16 countries, with seven first-timers, including All 3Media and Sonar. In comparison,  last year there were 88 distribution companies. Yet, the number of buyers have remained steady year-over-year, with most studios averaging 2,000 from 60 countries.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of the front cover of VideoAge’s LATAM Issue that will premiere at the L.A. Screenings on May 16, both in print and online. VideoAge is now finalizing the list of picked-up series and the total number of exhibitors setting shop at the InterContinental. It is an Issue full of information, including a Buyers’ Guide, a calendar of events, world news, comments and recreational reading, like the Book Review.

In addition, VideoAge keeps a dedicated website with daily updates on L.A. Screenings events: We suggest you check it out.

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