In preparation for MIP-TV, here’s an overview of what to expect from the April Issue of VideoAge, which, naturally, features a preview of next month’s L.A. Screenings. The subject will be updated with up-to-the-minute news in VideoAge’s Day Three Daily at MIP-TV.

Meanwhile, daily updates can be found at:

Another preview that will be helpful for navigating the Palais, is that of MIP-TV itself, since so many questions are asked of the market.

Readers will also find it fascinating to discover which days of the week are the most popular for TV viewing in various countries, and which are the least popular.

A review of the recently concluded SPORTELAmerica in Miami will offer an insight into this increasingly important aspect of TV entertainment.

Analog getting its revenge is the topic of the book review, while Canadian TV executives will explain how they get ready for markets such as MIP-TV.

The 16th honoree of the International TV Distribution Hall of Fame is Hispanic TV pioneer Carlos Barba. For closing,  the My2¢ editorial examines a new business model for TV trade shows: an innovation introduced into the market after 35 years from the latest model and 54 years after the initial concept of a TV trade show.

There is a total of 14 fact-packed and revealing stories that are guaranteed to leave readers amazed, amused and informed.

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