Fox Inclusion has revealed the participants for Fox Writers Lab, the company’s writers’ platform, which aims to cultivate experienced writers and create a channel for prospective hires for its television, film, and digital entertainment productions. As part of the program, participants will share 14 weeks with Fox staff writers, showrunners, screenwriters, directors, and creative executives, to develop their craft of writing. The participants and their respective representatives include: Arielle Diaz (CAA); Brad Marques (Laurelmont Management Group); Elizabeth Oyebode (Independent); Erick Castrillon and Esteban Arango (Valor Entertainment); Jennifer Graham Imada (Independent); Keely MacDonald (Grandview); Lauren Tyler (Art/Work Entertainment); Mellori Velasquez (Independent); Pilar Valdés (Independent); Nicky Young (Independent); Tania Lotia (CAA & Laurelmont Management Group); and Yasemin Yilmaz (Independent).

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