La Doña (pictured) is the story of Altagracia, a woman abused as a girl, who has since grown ruthless and ambitious, abandoning her daughter and building an empire. Valentina is La Fan, the president of telenovela star Lucas Duarte’s fan club, and by fanatical determination is able to win his heart. El Chema tells the backstory of Chema Vega, a crime boss who always managed to escape the authorities. Set in the late 1600s, telenovela Apuesta Final follows Choi Bok-Sun, the wife of a gambler, who becomes a concubine of King Sukjong. She births two sons, one from the gambler and the other from the king, who meet 20 years later in competition for a woman’s heart. Ambar loves her bus driver Dany almost as much as she loves her single mom Matilde. But will Dany steal her mom’s heart too?

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