As is always the case, the U.S. fall TV season brought some hits (e.g. This is Us, Bull) and some misses (e.g. Conviction, Notorious). But, the TV schedules keep on moving, and, now, it’s time for midseason series to premiere. Below, a list of what’s in store from the U.S. broadcast networks in the coming months. The focus here is on scripted series, but game shows like To Tell the Truth (ABC) and The Wall (NBC), as well as reality competition series like Hunted (CBS), My Kitchen Rules (FOX) and the newest season of The Bachelor (ABC) will appeal to those who like real-life people on their TVs:

The Mick (FOX, Twentieth Century Fox TV Distribution) (Premiered January 1)
In this half-hour comedy, a hard-living, foul-mouthed woman finds herself raising her sister’s spoiled kids in an affluent suburb.

Ransom (CBS, CBS Studios International) (Premiered January 1) (pictured above)
An experienced crisis and hostage negotiator and his team solve kidnap and ransom cases with the most dangerous criminals in the world.

Star (FOX, Twentieth Century Fox TV Distribution) (Premiered January 4)
Chronicles the journeys of three young women hoping to make it big in the music business in Atlanta.

Emerald City (NBC, NBCUniversal International Television Distribution) (Premiered January 6)
In Oz reimagined, Dorothy Gale and a K9 police dog are swept away into a mystical land.

Riverdale (CW, Warner Bros. International Distribution) (Premieres January 26)
A darker, more subversive take on the Archie Comics characters that’s set in the present day.

Powerless (NBC, Warner Bros. International Television) (Premieres February 2)
A half-hour comedy set in the world of DC Comics.

Training Day (CBS, Warner Bros. International Television) (Premieres February 2)
Begins 15 years after the film left off; a young African-American police officer joins an elite LAPD squad and partners with a morally ambiguous detective.

24: Legacy (FOX, Twentieth Century Fox TV Distribution) (Premieres February 5)
This new installment of the popular suspense series follows a military hero’s return back to the U.S.
APB (FOX, Twentieth Century Fox TV Distribution) (Premieres February 6)
A procedural drama based on a true story about a tech billionaire who takes over a troubled police department.

Doubt (CBS, CBS Studios International) (Premieres February 15)
A smart and succesful defense attorney at a boutique firm falls for one of her clients who may or may not be guilty of a horrific crime.

The Good Fight (CBS All Access, CBS Studios International) (Premieres February 19)
A spin-off of The Good Wife, which follows Diane Lockhart, who’s forced out of Lockhart & Lee after a major financial scam.

The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC, Sony Pictures Television) (Premieres February 23)
In this spinoff, the world’s most elusive criminals from Red’s infamous list come together to form an elite mercenary team as they try to regain their self-worth after inflicting damage on the world.

Taken (NBC, NBCUniversal International Distribution) (Premieres February 27)
A prequel to the 2008 thriller, in which a former Green Beret is pulled into a career as a deadly CIA operative.

Chicago Justice (NBC, NBCUniversal International Distribution) (Premieres March 5)
A drama that follows a team of prosecutors and investigators working under the State Attorney.

Trial & Error (NBC, Warner Bros. International Television) (Premieres March 7)
An NYC lawyer heads to a small Southern town to defend an eccentric accused of murder.

Great News (NBC, NBCUniversal International Distribution) (Premieres April 25)
An overbearing mother accepts an internship at the TV station where her daughter works.

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