In Italy, they call the unexpected phenomenon “Trumpusconi, because, they say, TV magnate and real estate mogul Silvio Berlusconi preceded Donald Trump as head of a Government without previous political experience and, additionally, the two are identical in every possible aspect: social, financial, characteristic, ideological and personal.

In its NATPE Miami Issue, VideoAge will explore in a front-cover story about whether or not the Trump presidency will be good for the television business. Up to now, VideoAge has collected opinions from journalists and TV executives from eight countries and more will be added.

Naturally, the Italians, being accustomed to “Berlusconism,” are the least concerned about “Trumpism.”

Perhaps, by reviewing past Berlusconi actions when he was in power, one could get a sense of what Trumpism will mean to the entertainment business. However, even though Trumpism has evolved from Berlusconism, the former will have a bigger impact worldwide, at least according to the VideoAge survey.

This is due to the fact that a Trump White House will control the FCC, the U.S. regulatory agency for communications, and the Department of Justice, which presides over anti-trust issues.

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