GMA Worldwide TV explores all kinds of drama, depicting new relationships and intense family issues, starting with melodrama Love and Defiance (pictured), which follows Rachel and Junjun’s difficulties raising a child and navigating marriage at a young age. Bow of Justice, a melodrama, tells the story of a young attorney who is wrongly accused of murdering his own father. He is forced to take matters into his own hands in order to seek justice for his family. In Oh My Mama, a daughter searches for her biological father only to become entangled with a crew of child traffickers. Someone to Watch Over Me tells the story of a newlywed woman who cares for her newborn son and her husband with Alzheimer’s at the same time. Four royal sisters in the world of Encantadia possess powerful stones that protect the land from evil that threatens to disturb the peace. In Cruel Lies, a wife struggles to escape her abusive husband, only she falls in love with her brother-in-law. A surrogate mother suffering from postpartum depression after losing her daughter takes off with a client’s baby in Ysabel.

Stand: J01

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