ATV’s dramas run the gamut at ATV, from resilient young women to siblings who witness a terrible crime. Drama series Orphan Flowers (pictured) is the highlight, and follows Eylül, a young girl who lost her father and lives with her mom and abusive stepfather. When she moves to an orphanage, she lives around wealthy people. In drama series Wedlock, a desperate mother tells a lie to protect her child, pulling everyone around them into the chaos.  She Was Pretty is a romantic drama about childhood sweethearts who find each other after many years. Their love, full of coincidences, is complicated. Mine and Asiye are two sisters who are trying to survive without money, love, hope in suburbs of Istanbul in Stolen Life. Their lives become even more complex when they witness a horrible murder. Price of Love, a drama, is the story of three people in a destructive love: Ali, Begum and Vedat. Ali, who promises to take revenge for an old injustice; Vedat, a gambling addict, tries to gamble with his beautiful wife; and Begum is stuck between her husband and an unforgettable romance.
Stand: C29

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