VideoAge’s NATPE Miami Issue will profile the remarkable achievements of Dr. Herbert G. Kloiber, who singlehandedly has revolutionized German and European television with a vertically integrated company: Tele München Gruppe. The company is involved in production, broadcasting, international program sales, theaters ownership and film distribution.

In his 46-year career, Kloiber has worked or been in partnership with virtually every major player in the television industry worldwide. In Germany, he has dealt with Leo Kirch, Friede Spinger, Thomas Haffa, Heinz Bauer, Hubert Burda and Reinhard Mohn; in Italy with Silvio Berlusconi; in the U.S. with Rupert Murdoch, Bob Iger, Harry Sloan and Jon Feltheimer, to mention a few.

At 69 years old, Kloiber is the youngest of VideoAge’s International TV Distribution Hall of Fame honorees, but considering that his first TV trade show was MIP-TV in 1970, he’s definitely one of the pioneers of international TV distribution.

Kloiber acquired Tele München Gruppe (TMG) in 1977. Eight years later, TMG became a shareholder of SAT1, the first private television broadcaster in Germany, which makes him also a pioneer of broadcast television.

Today, Kloiber’s TMG has the distinction of having one of the largest film libraries in Europe.

Kloiber holds a law degree and speaks four languages fluently: German, English, Italian and French. VideoAge feature will also unveil how he became an avid sailor despite being born and raised in Austria, a landlocked country.

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