The Sprocket Vault of Phoenix, AZ has acquired Mussolini: The Untold Story, a historical mini-series broadcast on NBC in the 1980’s, from BoPaul Media Worldwide for home video and VOD distribution in North America. The Sprocket Vault is a new distribution company formed recently by Kit Parker, president of Kit Parker Films, which has been active in the distribution of classic films since 1971.  The Sprocket Vault is remastering the entire series in HD, which will be available on DVD exclusively through Amazon.The mini-series has not been seen on foreign television in the past three decades. The story spans “Il Duce’s” beginnings in 1922 when he gathered power through his Black Shirt Militia and winds its way over his many military and governmental accomplishments and failures. The Sprocket Vault plans to roll out the mini-series in late January 2017.

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